Disclaimer: This quiz indicates the likelihood of you having Sleep Apnea, based on the answers you select.
It is not conclusive. For a more accurate diagnosis, kindly consult your doctor.

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1.What is your BMI(Body Mass Index)?
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you snore(others find it harder to sleep)?
4. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? (Insomnia?)
5. Do you find difficulty breathing through the nose?
6. Has anyone noticed you not breathing for 10 seconds or less?
7. Do you feel tired (fatigued) when you wake up?
8. Are you currently being treated for BP?
9. Have you noticed: Dry Mouth, Dry Throat, Headache?
10. Have you noticed any, all or some of the following?

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a condition that affects a large portion of the adult population worldwide. The concern arises from the fact that many misconceptions are linked to the disorder. Estimates show that 1 in 5 adults in alone suffer from sleep apnea and are not aware that they are affected by it. It is considered harmless, and the dangers associated with it are not well