Adult Diapers – Large


MedeSwach offers top quality Adult Diapers at unbeatable price. They are rash free, highly absorbent adult diapers. They have 3D leak protection, wetness indicator and have high SAP content. Being cost effective these diapers have breathable sides and back-sheet, which allows skin to breathe and prevent any kind of wet feeling. Crafted from fine quality fabric, they are skin friendly and do not cause irritations. Being highly absorbent in nature, they prevent leakage.

MedeSwach Superior Quality Adult Diapers comes in 3 different sizes i,e, Medium, Large and XL. It is packed in 10 pieces per pack and 10 packs per carton.Highly absorbent rash free diapers Can be used during lifestyle or medication intervention Change the diaper when the wetness indicator is activated Always wash and cleanse the skin before using a new diaper Use talcum powder frequently


:Fold diaper into half with testing panel downloads Position diaper between waist and hips then lay user on side Roll user on the diaper and pull out the other side of the diaper Lay user on the back with thighs stretched, put frontal tapes towards belly fasten to fit For comfort, adjust leg adjust leg gathers into position

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