Conditions for Claiming Warranty

This is to confirm that the product Oxymed 5L Oxygen Concentrator MOOXY05 is warranted for a period of three years from the date of Invoice .if any defect occurs due to faulty material or workmanship within this warranty period, Medequip Healthcare Solutions, Bangalore will repair or replace if not repairable its own expenses. Services will be provided at Medequip authorized service centres only. If customer needs any doorstep services then the customer will bome the cost of that.

The warranty becomes void if the produce becomes faulty due to Improper use, poor Maintenance, Electrical / Voltage problem, physical damage or if alteration / repair has been carried out by unauthorized person. Since this is a medical device the customer must ensure the proper maintenance and ideal running conditions for that unit.

BACKUP Oxygen Cylinder system is recommended for all critical patients using more than 4 hours a day of oxygen therapy.

  1. Warranty card needs to be mailed back to Medequip for activating the warranty. It can also be activated by registering the product on or thru Oxymed app.
  2. Warranty is void if any dealer/customer tries to open or repair the machine themselves. Machine needs to be serviced only by approved Medequip / Oxymed service team members.
  3. The warranty does not cover products and / or parts that are subject to wear and tear or are consumables or made of plastic etc. For example Nascal cannula, internal and external filters, Humidified bottle, Turbing, and other consumables.
  4. Warranty does not cover any damages caused due to running of the machine for prolonged time with chocked filters . Dust enters the system and destroys the motor and other components like
    distribution valve etc.Timely
    checking of the filters
    condition and changing new
    filters will ensure long life of the machine
  5. Warranty will be void if the machine is run outside the Voltage range of 200V till 228V. Clean and stable Input power is a must or else the motor and the capacitor are adversely affected . A Stabilizer is a must which ensures a constant voltage to a machine. Stabilizer should be given exclusively for the Oxygen concentrator machine and no other electrical appliances should be added to the stabilizer. 1KVA Stabilizer is a must.
  6. Machine should be kept in a clean and dry environment. Sweeping of the floor should be done ONLY AFTER SWITCHING OFF the machine . The broom sweeping causes the dust to get absorbed by the machine and thus chokes the filters very rapidly. Wet moping of the floor around the machine is recommended instead of brooming.
  7. It is Preferred that Customer who are using the Concentrator through an INVERTER or UPS should make sure that specification of the inverter should be 1KVA . This will ensure stable voltage to the machine, The inverter/UPS should be “independently” connected only to the concentrator machine.

  8. Nominal power:1KVA    
    2 nos of 150 AH each battery

    CAUTION: Overloading the UPS/INVERTER will result is low voltage to the Oxygen concentrator. Ensure that the UPS/INVERTER supplies Adequate power to the unit, if the motor is switching on and off continuously, then Adequate power is not being supplied to the machine, this will result in imminent compressor and valve failure very soon.

  9. Electricals of the switch point should be Proper – should be free from earthing and Neutral failures/issues. Electrical specification: Phase to Neutral should be 200V to 230V, Phase to Earth should be 200V to 230V and Neutral to Earth should be 0V.
  10. Machine should not be run during thunderstorms and lightning. The machine needs to be switched off and the plug to be removed during thunderstorm. Like any other electronics, during thunder storms there is a very high chance of Voltage spikes which may lead to irreparable damages.
  11. Regular cleaning of the Flap filters for dust accumulation on the exteriors is a must. This will Improve the life of the other two filters-Hepa and Humidity.


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  “Always contact authorized service centre for service / Repair. Oxy Med machines are backed by original Spares replacement, Where none of spares are repaired but only replaced with new”