Oxygen Concentrator

Easy Breathing

A first step, not a last resort

Medequip offers a wide range of oxygen concentrators. The Owgels Oxymed oxygen concentrators are designed in UK England and come with the latest technology and features. The oxygen concentrators are available in various capacities like 3 litres, 5 litres and 10 litres.


Low Maintainance

2 built in fans that ensures the compressor is cooled for prolong life. With no rebuilding / replacement of compressor for 12000 to 15000 hours ( running with stabilizer ) it ensures lowest ‘Total Life Cost’ of the product.

Constant Oxygen Supply

The device supplies constant and uninterrupted supply of oxygen. The flow rate is adjustable according to the requirements.

Multi-User function

All for one and one for all. The oxymed oxygen concentrators have an allowance for multiple users to be plugged in simultaneously to the same concentrator.


In the current market these concentrators fall into the most economical range for the german quality.

No refill required

Why refill separately when there is plenty of oxygen around you? These concentrators do not require refilling unlike the contemporary oxygen cylinders or tanks.